Issue 605: 6 / 17 / 2016

Southwest Awards Credentials to 2016 TECTA Graduates

2016 TECTA Graduates

2016 TECTA Graduates

Not everyone has the aptitude nor possesses the special gift of caring for and educating our young future leaders. On June 11, the Tennessee Early Childhood Training Alliance (TECTA) awarded credentials to 26 candidates, confirming they have met the criteria to join the ranks of professional childhood educators. The TECTA Program works with selected Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) colleges and universities to provide professional development and academic programs leading to professional credentials and degrees in Early Childhood Education.

A pinning ceremony was witnessed by the graduates' families, friends, and supporters in Nabors Auditorium on the Macon Cove Campus. Perea Preschool Principal Alicia Norman provided congratulatory remarks stating, "Know that what you are doing, this career that some have launched and some are about to launch, it will be one of the most rewarding careers. It will be one of the greatest things that you will do here on this earth."

TECTA Grant Director Elizabeth Wilson commented, “Priscilla Herron, who is our Child Development Associate (CDA) mentor on staff, had the following to say about those honored on Saturday – ‘The ladies recognized today have shown amazing dedication to their own professional development journeys as they juggled hectic work and personal schedules.  They took their classes seriously and were dedicated to improving their knowledge as the information gained through their course work challenged their current way of thinking and teaching…’” 

Impact Comments from a few CDA recipients:

Conseulo Payne: The CDA process has changed my early childhood practice as well as my life. While attending my class at Southwest, I learned a great deal of information. … I set out to accomplish this goal in 2007, but I allowed the deaths of my father, mother and child’s father and other things to throw me off track. The opportunity presented itself once again. … Once I got started, I never looked backwards and because of my hard work and the encouragement from my bosses, fiancé, children and friends, I achieved my goal. I know my mother and father are looking down at me saying these words, “I’m proud of you Conseulo. You did it!” With this accomplishment, my pay will increase as well.

Kayla Hall:  Getting my CDA has encouraged me all the way around. It has helped me become a stronger and more understanding teacher, as well as a better person in general. This journey has been a confirmation to me that I have chosen the correct career path for myself. I can't wait to see what the future holds for all of us!

Kimberly Parker:  Receiving my CDA has been a very important accomplishment in my life.  I have learned valuable information while going through the process of earning my credential.  I utilize this information in my classroom every day.  My new knowledge has made my profession of providing childcare a better experience for me and my students.  I have learned developmentally appropriate practices, teaching strategies, and understanding how children learn and develop, to name a few things.  Overall I have learned how to provide high quality childcare.  Earning my CDA has encouraged me to continue my education by working on my bachelor's degree. 

View the TECTA 2016 Graduation Photo Gallery.

Faculty Duo Brings Virtual and Augmented Reality to Southwest and Study Abroad

Study abroad students in Sydney ...

Study abroad students in Sydney, Australia, with specially designed VR gear bearing Southwest's logo.

Submitted by Denise Malloy and LaDonna R. Young

After 24 hours total travel time, 18 hours and 30 minutes flight time, 14 Google Cardboard Virtual Reality (VR) viewers (inscribed with the Southwest logo), 12 iPads, one 360 Fly HD video camera, 10 anxious Southwest students, three connecting flights, and two continents, we finally reached our detination. We had one ambitious goal, expose Southwest students to the most cutting-edge, emerging technology – virtual and augmented reality (AR), with no clue of how all of the dots would connect in the end.

The Australian Study Abroad is a program of many “firsts”

Southwest’s Study Abroad program expanded its reach to the continent of Australia, “down under,” making it the first Australian study abroad program within the Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) system. Australia has often been dismissed as a viable study abroad location because some perceive the country as “too expensive.”  However, the meticulous planning and conscientious budgeting of Social and Behavioral Sciences faculty Shannon Little and Dr. LaDonna R. Young convinced Dr. Tamara McColgan, associate dean and International Studies director, a study abroad program in Sydney, Australia, could work.

The program took place in Sydney, May 10-17. It is one of the most multicultural cities in the world. More than 250 different languages are spoken there, and about one-third of the residents speak a language other than English at home. Poverty in rural Sydney and regional Australia is a critical concern. Particularly for Aboriginal people; there have been a myriad of programs to help this segment of the population gain access to services such as health, education, and employment opportunities. The historical and present-day experiences and treatment of Aboriginal people provided the perfect context for our study abroad trip.

Students in EDUC 1010 Introduction to Education focused on Australia’s highly successful K-12 educational system, comparing and contrasting  “What's Right with Australian Education and What Can the U.S. Learn?” Students in SOCI 1020 Social Problems focused on social inequality including both economic and racial inequality. Together, our delegation became a “learning community on wheels.” Our “classroom” consisted of wherever planned excursions and lectures took us. One day, we trekked to the University of Sydney and gained an insightful understanding of Australia’s K-12 educational system with a lecture given by Dr. Jen Curwood, senior lecturer and program director, Study Abroad. We spent a Saturday immersed in the Outback and the Blue Mountains as we listened to the lived experiences of one Aboriginal man, Evan Yanna Muru. Muru was born on Darug land and has studied indigenous culture “out in the Australian bush” since a child. Muru spent two hours with students sharing the history and “dreaming” aspect of the Aboriginal culture and answering our students' many questions. (

For nine of the 10 students, and Social Problems Assistant Professor Denise Malloy, the Australian program marked their first international flight and introduction to global citizenship. For one student, the Australian trip would be her first time on an airplane.

Though many Southwest Study Abroad programs incorporate some element of technology, the Australian trip is the first to implement two emerging technologies: augmented and virtual reality. Thanks to TBR Associate Vice Chancellor of Mobile and Emerging Technologies, Dr. Robbie Melton, Southwest faculty and students were equipped with the latest technology, equipment, and learning applications.

Virtual reality, in layman’s terms, is immersive media that transports you into a multi-dimensional, 360º virtual environment, using one’s cell phone or a VR viewer. Augmented reality mixes real world and virtual experiences by overlaying an image (photo, video or computer generated) on top of a real object in one’s present environment. Our classes downloaded the app, Aurasma on their iPads and phones, to create augmented reality experiences. Students included a few Auras in the iBook the class published. (Just for fun, you might want also to download the app, Action Movie, for FX-augmented reality experiences to share with friends at parties or social gatherings).

View the Australia Study Abroad Photo Gallery.

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Southwest, Moore Tech Chosen for Dual Enrollment Pell Program

September 10, 2014 - U.S ...

September 10, 2014 - U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan greets those in attendance during a town hall meeting to discuss education held at Cornerstone Elementary Wednesday afternoon. (Nikki Boertman/The Commercial Appeal)

Reprinted from The Commercial Appeal
May 17, 2016

Students in Shelby County will have increased access to free dual enrollment classes starting this fall after the U.S. Department of Education announced two Memphis colleges will participate in a new federal program offering Pell grants starting in high school.

The department announced Southwest Tennessee Community College and William R. Moore College of Technology are two of 44 colleges across the country selected to offer up to a nationwide total of 10,000 students free college classes while still in high school. This is the first time Pell grants, historically used for low-income college students, will be used for high school students to take college classes.

Former Secretary of Education Arne Duncan announced the launch of the $20 million program on a visit to Memphis last fall, but all colleges wishing to participate had to apply. Southwest and Moore Tech learned on May 16 they were approved, allowing Memphis-area students to benefit.

"This is certainly an opportunity for us to expand that college access to students who have historically not been able to participate due to that financial barrier," Jacqueline Ann Faulkner, Southwest's new vice president of student affairs, said.

According to Faulkner, research shows students taking college classes while still in high school have a higher chance of graduating college. They leave high school with credit toward a postsecondary degree and have time to adjust to college life before leaving high school.

The Department of Education says Southwest pledged to expand dual enrollment to another 500 low-income students from Shelby County Schools and the Bartlett and Millington school districts.

Southwest already has partnerships with several high schools for dual enrollment, enrolling 556 students this spring. Faulkner said most of those students were able to take college classes on their high school campuses through the partnerships.

Shelby County Schools Superintendent Dorsey Hopson said the district will "absolutely" push students to take advantage of the Pell funding.

"Any time our kids have an opportunity to get postsecondary degrees and not have to pay for it is good news," Hopson said.

Faulkner said a dual enrollment class at Southwest costs $498 for a three credit-hour course. State funding is available for low-income students for most costs, depending on the number of classes taken, but SCS covers the difference — anywhere from $65 to $95 per student, per class, according to district data.

For the 2015-16 school year, SCS had 1,133 high school students taking a total of 2,456 college-level classes.

"Often times the biggest impediment to dual enrollment is just the cost," Hopson said. "I think in many (instances) the school district actually pays for a big portion of the cost."

Moore Tech President Skip Redmond said Pell grants are an opportunity to expand the college's small dual enrollment program, which currently has three home-school students taking classes at the college. Another 15 to 20 are slated to begin at the college in the fall through a partnership with GRAD Academy Memphis.

"We felt like we have room, and we think it's a great opportunity for students to begin their career and their pathway into college and a career," Redmond said.

The college offers five programs in which students could take classes while still in high school: welding, machinery, HVAC, industrial electricity and property maintenance.

"I think it will definitely help the job market, the workforce, the things Memphis is really trying to promote," Redmond said.

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The Southwest Tennessee Community College Foundation Receives an $8,000 Grant from the Dollar General Literacy Foundation to Support Adult Literacy

The Dollar General Literacy Foundation awarded the Southwest Tennessee Community College Foundation an $8,000 grant to support adult literacy on May 20. This local grant award is part of more than $7.1 million in grants awarded to more than 900 schools, nonprofits and organizations across the 43 states that Dollar General serves.

"As a community college, our goal is to become a national model for technical, career, and transfer education by fostering student success, transforming lives and increasing the education level of a diverse community. We offer English as a Second Language (ESL) and GED programs in English and Spanish to help educate, motivate, and support students who live in isolated areas," says Kathy Simpson, director of Corporate Training and Continuing Education.

Southwest is an official GED Testing Center and currently offers Bi-lingual GED classes. Classes are taught in English and Spanish to students with a variety of linguistic skills. This unique class gives students the ability to learn the necessary skills to take the GED, either the complete test or whatever portion they need, in Spanish and English with the exception of math, where they must learn the terms in English only.

"Consistent with our mission of Serving Others, we are excited to provide these organizations with funding to further literacy and education across the communities we call home," said Todd Vasos, Dollar General's CEO. "It is always so exciting to see the true and meaningful impact the Dollar General Literacy Foundation has on both children and adults looking to improve their lives through literacy."

The Dollar General Literacy Foundation is proud to support initiatives that help others improve their lives through literacy and education. Since its inception in 1993, the Dollar General Literacy Foundation has awarded more than $120 million in grants to nonprofit organizations, helping more than 7.3 million individuals take their first steps toward literacy or continued education.

About the Dollar General Literacy Foundation

The Dollar General Literacy Foundation is proud to support initiatives that help others improve their lives through literacy and education as part of the company's mission of Serving Others for over 20 years. Since its inception in 1993, the Dollar General Literacy Foundation has awarded more than $120 million in grants to nonprofit organizations, helping more than 7.3 million individuals take their first steps toward literacy or continued education. For more information about the Dollar General Literacy Foundation and its grant programs, visit the Dollar General Literacy Foundation (opens new window) website.

About Dollar General Corporation

Dollar General Corporation (NYSE: DG) has been delivering value to shoppers for over 75 years through its mission of Serving Others. Dollar General helps shoppers Save time. Save money. Every day! ® by offering products that are frequently used and replenished, such as food, snacks, health and beauty aids, cleaning supplies, clothing for the family, housewares and seasonal items at low everyday prices in convenient neighborhood locations. Dollar General operates 12,483 stores in 43 states, as of January 29, 2016. In addition to high quality private brands, Dollar General sells products from America's most-trusted manufacturers such as Clorox, Energizer, Procter & Gamble, Hanes, Coca-Cola, Mars, Unilever, Nestle, Kimberly-Clark, Kellogg's, General Mills, and PepsiCo. For more information on Dollar General, please visit the Dollar General (opens new window) website.

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Southwest and Olympus Negotiate a CTCE Collaborative

Lucas Flosi (standing) presents Olympus ...

Lucas Flosi (standing) presents Olympus training proposal to Southwest representatives.

Olympus Corporation of the Americas officials from San Jose,CA,  met with Southwest Director of Corporate Training and Continuing Education (CTCE) Kathy Simpson and other members of the college's administration, faculty and staff recently to discuss a proposal to develop customized training for Southwest students. According to a report on CBS affiliate, WREG News Channel 3 this past January, Olympus announced it will construct a national service and distribution center in the Bartlett Corporate Park. The report indicated, “More than $12 million is being invested in the new facility which will create more than 280 new jobs in the next five years.”

Olympus, a precision technology leader, designs and delivers innovative solutions in core business areas that include: medical and surgical products, life science imaging systems, industrial measurement and imaging instruments and cameras and audio products.

The objectives and benefits of a potential partnership include:

Olympus Objectives – 1) Reduce need for on the job training through prior education, 2) efficient recruitment of skilled workers, and 3) maintenance of a multi-skilled and multi-functional workforce.

Benefits for Southwest – 1) Placement opportunities, 2) recruitment pipeline for new students, and 3) partnership with local business.

Olympus Associate Project Leader for Service and Repair Lucas Flosi told the college they are actively looking to hire the following:


"We are looking to begin recruiting at our Bartlett facility during the summer, currently targeting July start dates," said Flosi.

The proposal entailed a six-eight weeks Medical Equipment Repair Technician (MERT) Course to include Industrial Readiness Training, Miniature Component Repair Techniques and Lab, Principle of Instrumentation, Machines Technology and Lab, Precision Measuring Techniques, and Introduction to Quality.

The proposal also included an Electronics Technician Course entailing: Industrial Readiness Training, Electronic Technology, or Basic Electronics Technician Technical Certificate.

View the Olympus Presentation Photo Gallery.

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Phi Theta Kappa 2016 Spring Induction

Newly inducted members of the ...

Newly inducted members of the Upsilon Delta Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society proudly display their certificates.

Submitted by Dr. Joan McGrory
Associate Professor of Business and Legal Studies

The Upsilon Delta chapter of Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Honor Society inducted 71 Southwest students in May 2016. To earn an invitation to join, students must achieve a GPA of 3.5 or higher after successfully completing 12 credit hours or more in college-level courses.

Chapter President Gina Winding welcomed the inductees into the society known for four hallmarks of service, fellowship, leadership, and scholarship. Chapter Officer Ronald Morgan stressed the importance of participating in chapter events that encourage self-improvement in these key areas.  He emphasized that members should be bold and explore new areas of life and develop new relationships. Chapter Officers Lisa Miles, Uyen Nguyen, and Eriel Traywick presented the students for acceptance and led the candle-lighting ceremony by sharing the light of knowledge, which was passed from student to student.

Among the 71 inductees, 10 students were honored with the medallion of "enhanced" membership for their participation in chapter activities such as the Pledge to Complete, Bus Trip to Jackson State University (JSU), Spot-A-Kappan Week, Best Book fundraiser, etc. Moreover, members who earn “enhanced” status attended chapter meetings that included discussions and activities on this year’s PTK theme “How the World Works: Global Perspectives,” guest speakers from surrounding universities who discuss transfer readiness and scholarship opportunities, plus sessions on member resources like Competitive Edge for professional development and CollegeFish for researching universities and third-party scholarships.

Special acknowledgement was given to students who exemplified leadership in the organization and the Southwest Community.  Inductee Rosalia Sepulveda was recognized for her outstanding leadership in advertising, promoting, and organizing a bus trip to JSU for Phi Theta Kappa Day where students learn about a full-tuition, room and board, and book stipend scholarships for Phi Theta Kappans who graduate with a GPA of 3.5 or better. Tichina Payno-Hayes was recognized for her work in the project dubbed "Spot-A-Kappan" that requires members to network with all students of Southwest for the purpose of increasing awareness of the honor society, and so encouraging others to strive for academic excellence and college completion. Members compete to make the greatest number of connections with students of Southwest. Payno-Hayes won the 2016 spring competition by networking and sharing information with the most students at Southwest. PTK Advisor and Southwest Professor Dr. Twyla Waters thanked the students for their dedication and hard work in making the chapter a success.  She acknowledged the academic achievements and scholarships earned by those PTK members approaching graduation including Misti Hammami and Krista Matheny who won the PTK Tennessee Academic Team scholarship. Members who earned scholarships were asked to stand and be recognized.

Dr. Tracy D. Hall, president of Southwest, addressed the inductees alongside their family and friends on the importance of academic achievement and excellence. She challenged the students to be leaders in the community.  

New inductees interested in serving as officers are asked to contact chapter advisors Dr. Waters and yours truly, Dr. Joan McGrory for summer planning and leadership training.

View the Phi Theta Kappa 2016 Spring Induction Photo Gallery.

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Southwest Hosted Desoto County Schools’ IT Hardware Challenge

Southwest's faculty and staff ...

Southwest's faculty and staff (seated) judge the Desoto County High School Hardware Challenge held in the Nabors Auditorium on Southwest's Macon Cove Campus.

Southwest’s Technologies Department partnered with Desoto County Schools to host their IT (Information Technology) Hardware Challenge on the Macon Cove Campus during the month of May. “The competition was all about giving students the chance and opportunity to actually feel and see what a college environment is like," explained Southwest Alumnus (former State Technical Institute at Memphis) Brian Hudson, who teaches IT classes for Desoto County Schools. “That's right, I graduated from here and it's very exciting to get to come back. And it's much more exciting being able to bring the kids that I teach back to a place where I graduated from,” he added.

Hudson brought a group of 11th and 12th grade students from his IT classes. Through a partnership with Southwest and Desoto County Schools, college credits will be offered to those students successfully completing their IT class.

Normally you find males entering tech competitions, but not so at the Desoto County High Schools. Their recent IT Hardware Challenge was teeming with female students. One of the parents of a female competitor explained, “My name is Josephine Coburn. My daughter here is Bianca Coburn, who attends Hornlake High School. I am excited and she is too. She has been dabbling and doodling around with computers and gaming for years – since she was five or six,” said Mrs. Coburn. So for Bianca, the competition was a natural progression. “She actually works on my nephew’s game console; taking it apart, putting it back together and fixing it for him,” Mrs. Coburn continued. She says Bianca has her heart set on a career in gaming.

Regarding hosting the event, Southwest Department Chair of Technologies Willie Burley stated, “The Department of Technologies was excited to host this IT Hardware Challenge and build this relationship with the Desoto County Career Center. The students did a great job of completing both an online assessment and a physical hardware assessment of the PC unit. We believe that this ‘IT Hardware Challenge’ gave the Desoto County students a true technical challenge as ‘real-time IT supported analysts.'"

View the IT Hardware Challenge Photo Gallery.

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Fayette-Ware Day at Southwest Tennessee Community College

Fayette-Ware students were excited to ...

Fayette-Ware students were excited to tour and explore dual enrollment options at Southwest.

Reprinted from Linkedin Pulse
May 18, 2016

On May 13, 140 students and 10 teachers from Fayette Ware Comprehensive High School [FWCHS] participated in Fayette-Ware Day at Southwest Tennessee Community College. Also in attendance were the Superintendent of Schools Marlon King and Deputy Superintendent Vincent Harvell. Starting in Fall 2016, Southwest will offer dual enrollment courses at FWCHS.

The program will begin with a college preparatory course called Academic Success, and a career readiness course called Industrial Readiness Training (IRT). The students will have an opportunity to earn six college credits while still in high school absolutely free! Students attended informational sessions, toured academic and technical departments, visited the computer lab to enroll in courses at Southwest, and participated in a networking luncheon. Transportation was provided by Fayette County Public Schools, and lunch was provided by the talented Culinary Arts Department at Southwest.

View the Fayette Ware Day Photo Gallery.

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Dr. Michael Fred Bugg Was Honored with a 20-Year Service Award

Dr. Michael Fred Bugg

Dr. Michael Fred Bugg

Dr. Michael Fred Bugg, medical director for American Esoteric Laboratories, was honored for more than 20 years' service to Southwest during the Medical Laboratory Technician and Phlebotomy Advisory Committee meeting on May 17. Bugg is also a pathologist at American Esoteric Laboratories, a reference laboratory in Memphis. He has served voluntarily as medical director of the Medical Laboratory Technician program at Southwest (including the former Shelby State Community College) for more than 20 years.

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Southwest's Business and Criminal Justice Departments Met with Community Advisory Members to Help Maximize the Programs’ Effectiveness

A member of the Memphis ...

A member of the Memphis Police Department Firearms Training Unit was among the attendees at the community advisory meeting.

The Business and Criminal Justice programs held their annual Community Advisory Meeting in late April. “This meeting allows faculty the chance to receive direct input from the community and business partners in an effort to strengthen our programs and ensure we are providing our students the skills they need in the current job market,” said Associate Profess or Business and Legal Studies Sindy Abadie.

After welcoming the guests, Abadie introduced Dean of Career Studies Mike Stephens, who explained the Tennessee Reconnect Program and gave an overview of the changes in Southwest’s senior administration, namely: Dr. Tracy D. Hall, president of Southwest; Dr. Christopher C. Ezell, vice president of Academic Affairs; Jacqueline Faulkner, vice president of Student Affairs; and Steven Massie, executive director of Human Resources.

Stephens also informed the board that the new Whitehaven Center, located at 1234 Finley Road, opened in January and explained the College’s new Learning Communities model that will begin this fall. 

The next presenter, Career Services Specialist Angela Banks, discussed the services that Career Services offers to the business community, i.e., career fairs, the employee search options available through the college, along with internship programs. She urged board members to consider offering internships and asked them to complete a survey on students or alumni they have employed.

Afterward, Dr. Joan McGrory, associate professor of Business and Legal Studies, informed the board of the articulation agreement that the department is developing with the University of Mississippi (UM)-Desoto Center and discussed UM-Desoto scholarship opportunities for transfer students. During the presentation, she highlighted the “Lightning Talks” speaker series that the Southwest Business and Legal Studies Department partnered with the University of Memphis: Business Information and Technology Department to offer fast, high-energy presentations that show students how they can leverage technology to be successful in their careers. McGrory also discussed BUSN 1360- Software Applications for Business. 

The final presenter, Dr. Eddie Baker, program coordinator for Criminal Justice, discussed updates to the Criminal Justice curriculum based on the statewide common curriculum initiative; elaborated on the new learning community model; noted negotiations with various four-year institutions regarding articulation agreements; spoke of a Spanish course for law enforcement being offered this summer; gave the results of the program’s academic audit – passing with high marks; and concluded by noting the past, current, and upcoming events. 

Lastly, the Advisory Board members dispersed into breakout sessions to complete and discuss the surveys, after which, the meeting was adjourned.

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CTCE/Workforce Dev. Dept. Participates in the Goodwill Excel Center Career Fair

Members of Southwest's CTCE ...

Members of Southwest's CTCE/Workforce Development Department.

Submitted by Susan Wilson
Counselor AMMQC Grant

Southwest’s Corporate Training and Continuing Education (CTCE) and Workforce Development staff was pleased to participate on May 12 in the first annual Excel to the Stars College and Career Fair at the Memphis Goodwill Excel Center. The Excel Center, located at 1490 Norris Road, is a free public charter school governed by Shelby County Schools, where residents 18 and older can earn their high school diploma. Students who have earned some high school credits may be able to complete their diploma program in less than two years.

The Goodwill Excel Center has more than 400 high school students completing their high school education. Their first graduating class has almost 60 students, who will graduate on June 18. Their next graduation will be December 17, in which they will have more than 100 students graduating.

Southwest’s Workforce Department staff members, Jonathan Robinson, Cherilyn Stewart, Susan Wilson, Robert Williams, and Jerry Brack met with the students to discuss their career paths. Recruiter Cortney Ward manned a table for the Recruiting Department. This event allowed students to talk to many area colleges and companies such as FedEx, Durham Bus Services, Medtronics, and Dollar General, to name a few.

The Excel Center created a dynamic and energetic career fair for their students. They  were allowed to participate in smaller groups so that all could discuss their career paths and get information. These students were highly motivated and excited to be graduating soon. We look forward to working with the Excel Center and their students in the future. 

Goodwill has asked Jonathan Robinson and Cherilyn Stewart to participate in a workshop with the 60 students who will be graduating this summer. They will assist them with their resumes, interviewing and planning their path in higher education.

View the Goodwill Career Fair Photo Gallery.

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Fitness Event Honors the Life of a Memphis Military Hero

Pamela and Darryl Finnie invite the community to take part in SMASH UP FITNESS – a fundraising event to honor the memory of their son Army Staff Sergeant Daniel Dewayne Merriweather (a Memphis native) who was killed in the line of duty in 2010 in Afghanistan. The event, held at Miracle Temple Ministries (3890 Millbranch Road), will take place on Saturday, July 9 at 11a.m. Participants will enjoy two hours of fitness activities in exchange for a donation of $25 in advance or $30 at the door. All proceeds from this event will go to the SSG Daniel Merriweather Memorial Scholarship Fund at the Southwest Tennessee Community College School of Nursing.

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Know What to do When Tornado Warnings Sound

Submitted by
Barbara Holmes, Police Services /Public Safety

Even though the Mid-South is not technically in “Tornado Alley,” we still see our fair share of these unpredictable and violent storms. Although tornadoes can come with little or no warning, you can take several basic steps right now to protect your home and your family.

Five simple steps:

Other steps:

Prepare your home for tornado season:

Some facts about tornadoes:

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Nichols Selected As Court Coach for USA Basketball U18

Coach Jerry Nichols

Coach Jerry Nichols

Southwest Tennessee Community College’s men’s basketball coach Jerry Nichols, the 2016 TCCAA Coach of the Year who led the Saluqis to the TCCAA and Region VII championships and the “Elite Eight” of the NJCAA National Tournament, has been selected as a court coach for the USA Basketball U18 Junior National Team.

“I’m definitely honored and blessed that they chose me to be a part of USA Basketball,” said Nichols. “It has been a fantastic year for this program at Southwest. In addition to the TCCAA and Region VII championships and an Elite Eight finish in the national tournament, five of seven sophomores signed with Division 1 universities and all seven sophomores graduated!”

The training camp takes place June 14-18 at the United States Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and will be used to determine the USA U18 Junior National Team’s 12-member roster for the 2016 FIBA Americas U18 Championship July 19-23 in Valdivia, Chile. The tournament will feature eight national teams from North, South and Central America and the Caribbean. The top four finishing teams will qualify for the 2017 FIBA U19 World Championship.

In addition to Nichols, the coaching staff will include Head Coach Shaka Smart (University of Texas), assistant coaches Mark Turgeon (University of Maryland) and Kevin Ollie (University of Connecticut) and court coach Joe Niland (University of Mobile). The coaching selections were made by the USA Basketball Men’s Junior National Team Committee.

In three seasons at Southwest, Nichols has compiled a 77-13 record and has a career head coaching record of 157-44 in seven seasons which include four at Motlow State. He has been voted the TCCAA Coach of the Year three times.

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