Issue 366: 1 / 18 / 2011

Southwest Celebrates International Education Week with an "Amazing Race"

Rachel Willis (left) and Lisa ...

Rachel Willis (left) and Lisa Pennington cram down rice cakes during the bonus round of the "Amazing Race" contest.

Just like on the CBS television show The Amazing Race, contestants hustled from destination to destination, obtaining signatures to verify they had performed an assigned task, no matter how bizarre, and unraveled a mystery location – clearing the way to move on to the next challenge. As the fall semester wound down, these contestants participated in the International Studies Program's version of The Amazing Race, an innovative, fun-filled celebration of International Education Week. “This was the first time we had ever done an 'Amazing Race' competition,” said International Studies Coordinator Felicia L. Hankins. International Education Week promotes global understanding and international awareness through a variety of social, educational, and service programming.

Based on the rules, the contestants checked in with the International Studies Office every day of the week to receive a clue. Once they figured out the answer to the clue, which was a destination somewhere on one of Southwest's campuses, they'd go there to be assigned a task. “We gave them clues to different departments on campus, like Police Services, Communications and Marketing, and the switchboard,” said Hankins.

The contestants were then assigned tasks like writing in the names of countries on a blank map or answering questions about various countries. Once they successfully completed the task, they returned to their specified location, received another clue, and then repeated the process.

On the final day, the contestants were given a roadblock, which was designed to slow them down. “They had to eat rice cakes,” said Hankins. “They also had a bonus round that required them to collect 10 signatures from different departments around the Macon Cove Campus." This round put Mia Akins and Manuel Claiborne in first place.

The winning teams, listed below, performed their task in the least amount of time:

  • First Place - Manuel Claiborne and Mia Atkins
  • Second Place - Lisa Pennington and Rachel Willis
  • Third Place - Kenosha Pruitt and Sarah Englehart

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