Issue 426: 7 / 2 / 2012

2012 TECTA Program Celebration

The 2012 TECTA Program completers ...

The 2012 TECTA Program completers earned the Child Development Associate Credential, the National Association for Family Child Care Accreditation, and the Tennessee Early Childhood Program Administrator Credential.

The care and education of children, particularly when they are young and impressionable, require patience, commitment, and other skill sets that are sometimes innate but most often taught. The Tennessee Early Childhood Training Alliance (TECTA) program at Southwest offers professional development and support to prepare teachers for work with children from birth to 12 years old. Recently, 23 TECTA participants completed their training and a ceremony honoring their achievement was held on June 18 on the Macon Cove Campus.

“Many child care providers want to provide a quality education to children. The providers we are recognizing today, not only want to provide quality education, they took educational steps to ensure they are. … They have worked hard to put their college knowledge into practice each day. Their dedication to reviewing their own work and making changes based on new knowledge is improving the lives of young children and their families every day,” said Director of Southwest TECTA program Elizabeth Wilson welcoming friends and family members who came out to celebrate their love ones’ achievement.

Executive Director of Special Academic Programs Angelo Ventura Wooten congratulated them and Orientation Coordinator Rosella Wales recited an original poem. TECTA State Management Director Katari Coleman said in a written statement,  "At TECTA, we have always supported efforts made toward the attainment of quality on behalf of young children and families. Accreditation and CDA attainment are two high types of recognition of quality that are bestowed on providers. We at TECTA are grateful that you took the journey and made the effort. We thank you for your continued dedication despite the obstacles!" 

Well-traveled and just recently returned from a study-abroad trip to Paris, France, Dr. LaDonna Young, associate professor of Social Behavioral Sciences, addressed for a second time the TECTA completers. Recapping some of her experiences, she gave an analogy using the Arc of Triumph saying, “The Arc of Triumph is this massive building; on one side is old Paris, beautiful in all its splendor. On the other side is new Paris; the 21st century Paris with all its possibilities. … So I say to you today, you've conquered the old Paris, you've made it to the top. But I challenge you to go to the other side. You've conquered the CDA. What about an associate degree, a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, or doctoral degree? …You have to dare to go to the other side.”

Of the completers, 14 students earned the Child Development Associate (CDA) credential; eight family child-care providers earned the prestigious accreditation from the National Association for Family Child Care, and one provider earned the Tennessee Early Childhood Program Administrator Credential.