Issue 434: 10 / 1 / 2012

Southwest Fitness and Wellness Program Continues to Thrive – Part II

 A fitness training class conducted ...

 A fitness training class conducted at the Macon Cove Campus.

This is the second installment of the article on Southwest’s Fitness and Wellness Program, coordinated by American College of Sports Medicine certified, Cheryl Green. “I believe group fitness classes should be as convenient and as easy to find as a Walgreens store,” says Green.

She indicated the major health and fitness issues many participants stressed are balance, convenience, and time. Many busy professionals, Green said, are often so passionate about their work that they end up skipping meals unintentionally. “Some of my colleagues were surprised to learn that not eating enough calories in a day and nutrient imbalances can cause just as much, if not more weight gain and energy loss than overeating. I find myself coaching my colleagues on how they can make the consumption of nutrient dense foods as convenient as possible to help overcome nutrient imbalances,” she commented.

Southwest’s Fitness and Wellness program is having quite an impact on its participants. Here are some of the things they're saying:

Celestine Staples, play director, Mid-South Community,  I am seeing remarkable results since starting the classes. I bought a little black dress, but before bootcamp I was not able to sit down or eat in the little black dress. Now, I can eat and sit down when I wear it out. Keep the classes coming. Thanks.

Meridith Miller Rucker, advisor, Human Resources As a mother of a toddler, it's also nice to be able to get my workout in before I pick my son up from daycare and not have to take him to the gym with me, or try to work out on my own at home. … I think it's wonderful what Ms. Green and the other instructors are offering for employees. Healthy employees are happy employees and more productive, and that's great not only for the individual but also for the College as well. Thanks so much!

Linda McNally, secretary, Student Retention and Graduation ... Exercise has been a great stress reliever for me; as well; it keeps me more physically fit. The Yoga and Tai Chi are especially helpful in relaxing and stretching muscles. I am truly thankful for this program and hope that it can continue to be available and more employees will take advantage of it.

Carla Owens, associate professor, Computer Information Tech Cheryl Green is amazing. I have been in the Yoga class for two weeks now. This class is not only fun but a good workout. We have just started other classes – Pilates with Chanel, who is a fine instructor and provides a fabulous fitness class, and “Tighten and Tone” with Cheryl. This is an excellent class as well. I hope we continue classes. ... This program is the best thing Southwest has provided for faculty in 20 years!

Karen Campbell, secretary 3, Dean of Arts and Sciences … The biggest change to date is that I now sleep soundly, whereas, before the classes, I had some restless nights. … A large piece of the puzzle is having the support of fellow friends and co-workers. Knowing that I’m not on this journey alone makes it easier to show up. We encourage each other to push through and keep participating. ... To that end, I appreciate the variety of classes and all the efforts put forth by Fitness and Wellness Coordinator,Cheryl Green, and her team that comprise the employee wellness program here at Southwest.

Janis Smith, custodial foreman, Custodial Services − July 2012 is when I began the classes. Ms. Green offers a wide range of exercises such as Yoga, Body sculpt, and Zomba. These exercises were all new to me and they are very beneficial to my body. Thank you.

Kathy Reel, CAP, administrative secretary, Police Services/Public Safety − The employee wellness classes have provided me the opportunity to do Yoga, Pilates, Circuit Training/Boot Camp, Tai Chi, Body Sculpt and Zumba. Cheryl Green is teaching Tighten & Tone/ Body Sculpt and I am learning new ways to train my muscles to be fit. Tai Chi is led by Jeremy Burnett and I appreciate the background and evolution of the various Tai Chi moves as well as the detailed demonstration of these moves. ... Thank you Cheryl Green and the Southwest Administration for the healthy opportunities afforded through employee wellness classes.

For a full schedule of the fitness and wellness exercise classes, visit There is not a charge for the classes, and participants are welcome to bring family and friends.

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