Issue 449: 2 / 11 / 2013

Employee Wellness Fitness Challenge Second-Place Winner Profile

Teresa L. Calloway

Teresa L. Calloway

This is the third installment of the four-part Southwest Employee Wellness Program Holiday Fitness Challenge series featuring a profile on second-place winner, Website Content Coordinator Teresa L. Calloway.

When I first heard about the four-week Holiday Fitness Challenge, I was a little hesitant about participating. I’m still recovering from rotator cuff surgery and really could not take full advantage of the fitness classes offered at the college. Then, I decided participating in the challenge would help me be accountable during the holiday season, and stay on track with my personal health/fitness goals.

During the four weeks, I continued my daily walks, despite not having my favorite walking partner, Karen Campbell. I also heard about water fitness classes taught by Kerry Vincent at WellWorX Sporting Club, and obtained a guest pass to participate in the Ai Chi and WaterWorX sessions. Being able to attend these sessions, which are taught in a therapeutic-heated pool helped me increase my flexibility and range of motion and lose weight while having fun.

I wouldn’t say I made any tough choices related to food during the four weeks. About a year ago, I made the decision to become a vegetarian, which has made a huge difference in my health. I no longer eat processed or canned food and totally gave up sugary drinks. I, now, focus on consuming quality foods and eating smaller, more frequent meals. I credit fresh fruit and vegetables, lots of water, green tea, daily exercise, and quality sleep as the keys to my success.

I encourage everyone to participate in the eight-week Presidential Fitness Challenge and take control of your physical/mental/spiritual health in 2013.

Words from Employee Wellness Coordinator Cheryl Green —

"I love the way that Teresa's story shows that if you cannot take a fitness class, due to an injury and/or surgery, you can still stay-the-course and lose weight by doing other things. There are a lot of faculty and staff striving to overcome injuries who I often hear saying, "When I get better, I will start working out again." While I do agree that it is critical to allow your body to heal, I also believe that there are times that a recuperating person can do some type of activity. Teresa is a great example of how one can, not only do some type of physical activity, but can really lose weight while overcoming an illness or injury."